Bag o’ Chips & the Apocalypse

By March 18, 2020 No Comments

Dough & 5-0; Episode 56

NEWS: We bring you a GENIUS life hack to eat spaghetti, a student suspended for selling squirts of hand sanitizer and an anti-snoring device that SHOCKS your tongue if you start snoring loudly.

FLORIDA: We have a B&E where a man just wanted some egg rolls, a son who attacked his mommy after she wouldn’t dress his mannequin and a Florida man who battered his girlfriend with tortilla chips after he found out his baby wasn’t really his.

POLITICAL GARBAGE: Illinois Governor tells President Trump to get his sh*t together after a messy day at O’Hare, Pelosi tries to sneak her political agenda into the Coronavirus and a Miami Beach commissioner who reccomends First Responders “Take one for the Team” and get the Corona Virus to see if it makes them immune moving forward.

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