Florida Deuce

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Lee is back from a week-long vacation in Florida! In honor of his surviving the craziest place on earth, this weeks show is ALL FLORIDA! Headlines bring such insanity as…

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Bankers Life

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On this weeks show, we kick things off by discussing Shaft…that’s right…Samuel L. Jackson, who is bringing his iconic voice to Amazon’s Alexa devices. The guys also discuss topics such…

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On this weeks show, the news takes off with a woman who told the cops she was too pretty to go to jail…and she was right! We also discuss a…

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Fans have been asking for it and it’s finally here! A WHOLE SHOW dedicated to the crazy crime world that exists in Florida! Lee didn’t even try and every single…

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Oval Office

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This weeks show kicks off with the fellas discussing a California drug smuggler going to prison for manufacturing over 5 MILLION erectile dysfunction pills! We also talk about a lady…

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Pizza King

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This week we kick things off by discussing a male basketball player who’s been kicked off of his team because he’s…pregnant? We then dive into hilarity with a woman who…

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Park Day

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This weeks madness starts off across the pond where a 70 year old man gets circumcised…by accident. We then travel back to the states and talk about a postal worker…

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