Christmas 2019

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Dough & 5-0; Episode 44

We decided to release this weeks show a couple of days early due to the holiday!

We have HILARIOUS news stories such as an Indiana man who got busted for his fictitious paper license plate written in crayon, a man who had a caricature of himself drawn, robbed the artist then left the drawing behind as evidence and a postal worker who was selling crack cocaine out of the back of her postal truck!

Florida hilarity includes a man who was arrested for domestic battery by force of…Pop Tart? We also discuss a man who rammed a parked police cruiser with his Craftsman riding lawn mower and a man who tried beating up a McDonald’s employee over their lack of…straws.

Political Garbage brings discussion about the “impeachment” of President Trump.

MERRY CHRISTMAS from Joe & Lee 🍩👮🏼‍♀️🎄☃️

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