Hellfire & Brimstone

By October 28, 2020 No Comments

NEWS headlines this week include an L.A. vehicle pursuit that took a turn into a gas station for, well…gas; an NY couple that ordered a $13 bottle of wine and got a $2,000 bottle instead and parents who sold their baby’s name to their internet provider for 18 years of free WiFi.

FLORIDA doesn’t disappoint with stories such as a trash bag wearing arsonist; a man-made mop-bucket leaf blower joyride and a Florida Keys man who was caught with 16 stolen lobsters down his…well…you know.

POLITICAL GARBAGE brings discussion about a violent cop hater who tried to harm the police and defrauded the government while he was at it and talks of new abortion laws in Poland.

GOOD NEWS topics include a kind gesture for a mom at an airport and a kind hearted teen who helped pay for an elderly mans groceries.

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