Pepperballs & Fluffy Pillows

By February 27, 2020 295 Comments

DOUGH & 5-0; EPISODE 53 “PEPPERBALLS & PUFFY PILLOWS” NEWS: News stories this week include an inmate in Ohio who attempted to escape and ended falling through the ceiling instead, a man taking a pepperball shot to the crotch and the worlds most ANNOYING neighbor. FLORIDA: We have a Florida man who mysteriously had 3 syringes located in, um…ANYWAY…we also have battery via a pizza pie, attempting to kill someone with “kindness” and a pant-stuffing ribeye thief. POLITICAL GARBAGE: We talk about bail reform, two kids who were run off the road because they had TRUMP flags on their bikes and a Wisconsin school district who launched a controversial program without parental consent.


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