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Dough & 5-0; Episode 60

“Skype Chat”

Joe and Lee shot the show in separate locations…FOR REAL THIS TIME! 

NEWS headlines include a recent study that shows Americans are spending their Social Distancing time by excessively eating, drinking, smoking pot and binge watching…porn. We also discuss an MD who’s warning people not to put frozen ‘taters where the sun don’t shine and a smart toilet that can read your anus like a fingerprint and tell you how healthy you are.

FLORIDA stupidity includes an inmate beat down that started over a fart, a dog that found its owners sex toy and a Florida woman who placed porn-filled Easter eggs in 400 neighbors mailboxes.

POLITICAL GARBAGE brings discussion about the mayor of Baltimore asking the impossible out of his officers and discussion about the insanity of the hypocritical world in which we live.

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