Social Distancing

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Dough & 5-0; Episode 59

“Social Distancing”

NEWS headlines include a man who told the cops the reason he was out during the mandated quarantine was to purchase some “essential weed,” a British doc who’s begging fellow Brits to not stockpile Viagra to keep yourself entertained during social isolation and an Indiana Churchgoer who thought she found a rare “vintage bottle opener” in her garden that turned out to be a butt plug.

FLORIDA insanity includes a man who was tasered after walking through a Florida neighborhood naked and carrying only a bottle of cooking oil, a man charged for eating pancakes in the middle of the road and a man who was arrested for pressure washing his neighbor.

POLITICAL GARBAGE is full of discussion about Nancy Pelosi still trying to push her political agenda amidst the national crisis, California dems trying to get Illegal Aliens Coronavirus funds and NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio trying to release robbery suspects that were involved in the death of an NYPD detective.

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